7 benefits of using Google AdWords

If you sell a product or service, there are people who search on Google. Use google-adwords-by-planet-media-centre so these people can see you. Here are our top seven reasons why your business can benefit from Google AdWords.

1. Attract customers instantly
Did you know that 90% of all Google searches are for products and services? Imagine that your site is at the top of the search results, and how many other site visitors might attract with well written ads. This is what AdWords can do for you, if you bet on keywords related to their products or industry, you can have your website listed at the top of Google in no time.

2. Faster than SEO
Providing your ad ranking - a combination of advertising copy, quality landing pages and providing advertising - is pretty good advertising going directly to the front page of search results. This is in contrast to traditional SEO, which includes all of these titles, titles, meta descriptions and alt tags, and may take months to implement, even before you begin to make its organic positioning, not to mention you At the top of the first page.

3. Discover what makes
By linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts, you can combine reports know more than ever before that marketing stores and what does not. This will help you remove some ads or keywords that are not to help save save money.

This information can then be used at the same time as your organic SEO efforts, you can now know which keywords and terms convert better.

4. Check your advertising costs
AdWords you only pay for each click on the ad, not when it appears in the search results. This means that you only pay if there is a way to do the conversion of your site. There is no better way to spend or guaranteed their marketing budget.

You can also set a daily budget campaigns, so there's no way you'll ever find that you've accidentally over-spent.

5. AdWords traffic sometimes does better than organic traffic
Recent studies have shown that clicks on AdWords ads are the most likely to convert up to twice, as well as those that come from organic results. This is probably due to the fact that advertising is targeted at sales, instead of information and users aware that ads are there to sell instead of new product reviews.

6. AdWords takes more SERPs
"No one clicks on ads! "You have heard, and even said yourself." But when searches are performed include commercial keywords, 64.6% of all clicks generated by ads, which is nearly two-thirds. Do you want to lose those potential customers?

7. Geographic targeting
Do you sell a localized product or service? AdWords ensure that your ads are only seen by researchers at your site. For example, if you have a mobile computer repair company, then you probably do not want to run the other end of the country for the customer. Instead, you can tell Google ads are shown only to people who search within the selected radius of your business, or even in your city.

If you are a retailer or service provider, you want people to see what you have to offer, and there is no better way to make sure that you see Google AdWords.

We adwords management service for online retailers. You can find out more about what we have to offer our Google AdWords information page.
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