How To Promote Facebook Business Page For Free

1. Create your own page

The Facebook page is the foundation of your business on the social networking site. A page is very similar to a regular Facebook profile, but for brands and businesses.

You can interact with Facebook users through your business page, so make sure that it fully reflects your brand. Use your corporate logo as the main photo for your page and choose an attractive cover photo and show what your business does.

Enter some simple phrases to describe your brand and choose a memorable web address. The URL of the Facebook page appears as

2. Share!

It's not enough just to have a Facebook page. To collect subscribers you will need to create an attractive and interesting content for your fans.

Users who love the page will see their articles appear in their main news of Facebook to crack. You can share updates, photos, videos, promotions, and more.

The most successful Facebook messages - those that drive most people to comment, share and love - are short and pictures. Look for ways to add a visual element to your posts, whether it's a short video clip, a photo of your store, or simply a stock store.

The Facebook Layout Tool page helps to avoid actions. The tool, accessible from the Admin menu of your Facebook page, provides valuable information about the follower activity. For example, you can say that most people now see on your website so you can plan your promotions.

3. Start making connections

What is it to share content if no one sees it? Fortunately, Facebook has integrated the tools that allow you to create tracking.

First, check the "Create Hearing" tools found in the Admin menu on your page. You will find options to invite Facebook friends and email contacts to follow your page.

Traditional marketing techniques can help you grow your audience beyond your current results. This means that advertising the Facebook page's web address on the signs in your store, business card in sent emails and any other marketing material you produce for your business.

If you have time to create a simple and memorable URL for your page from the beginning, it will be easier to promote in the future.

4. Involve your followers

Meanwhile, you can grow organically with the content creator that your followers want to share, and comment.

The key is to regularly send quality content. It's about sharing updates that are relevant to the audience at least once or twice a week. To get the best results, try to make a friendly and colloquial tone and remember to be short.

Keep updates in a timely manner and respond directly to private comments and messages. Creating a dialogue with your followers will encourage them to engage with your posts in the future.

Facebook also offers some direct marketing tools for business users.

Facebook offers is a tool that allows you to create vouchers that can be converted into your store or online. Paid, you can even make your Facebook launches offer for the flow of new users who do not already have your business. By creating a budget, you determine the number of users who see your bid.
Sponsored articles allow you to improve the visibility of any page updates. Paid, the publication will appear close to the top of the news feed for potential customers.

5. Pull party party fans

New customers are more likely to look for your business if their friends are already using it. Facebook lets you take the word out to promote your product or service.

Keep in mind that when a fan interacts with your page, friends see activity in their news feed.

You can encourage more interaction in a variety of ways. Configure inquiries and questions on your Facebook page where fans can not resist the answer.

Encourage customers to "test" your business on Facebook when you visit, offering a small discount for those who do it. Verification is a feature that allows users to inform their friends where they are.

You can also create special events and limited time promotions and postings


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