What is a Google Shopping Data Feed?

Ghada Adel According to the data summary of their products Google Product Advertising (PLA) in its simplest form is a detailed table. This file contains all the information about your product: selling everything, and all the information about a particular product of these products (such as size, color, URL).
The picture below shows how easy it is to fill this Excel document. Once you have all the correct information in place, it's as simple as sending a data feed through Google Merchant Center.

2. Make sure you get basic information
Product ID, status, price, shipping, availability, MPN and brand are just some of the different categories of information you need to get to launch your Google Shopping campaign successfully.
There is nothing worse than paying for a click and within one month if the product is exhausted all the time.
When you create a Google Shopping campaign that makes sense to be a contact point within the company has a knowledge of all the product information and inventory. Depending on your role, we recommend meeting with this contact point, either daily, weekly, or monthly.
Datafeed.com drew up a list of "the 10 common mistakes in Google Merchant Center". Make sure you stay away from these errors so that the data feed is optimized properly.

3. Upload the feed data in the Google Merchant Center
According to Google Merchant Center, you can make direct ups, high FTP, SFTP or high search programming to download the data feed.
You want to make sure that the file sizes under Google recommendations to process smoothly. Once you've created Merchant Center, you can verify that your data feed is loading correctly. If there are problems, Google shows up through your control panel so you can make simple adjustments.
It can take up to 3 business days for your items to be reconsidered so be sure to be patient!
4. Link your AdWords account to a Google Merchant Center account
You need to ensure that your AdWords account is linked to a Google Merchant Center account. Once linked accounts, you can take advantage of AdWords campaign tools that focus on retailers to enhance their online presence.
Linking the two accounts allows you to create marketing campaigns to advertise their products. Exchange information between the two accounts and you can begin to measure the performance of each product and make adjustments accordingly.
Follow this two-step simple process to get your accounts linked today!
Let your customers begin shopping for your product!
Do not scare them in Google Merchant Center. If you are proficient in Excel and have an understanding of your product information along with your inventory, you will be able to understand this platform.
If you follow the steps above, within 72 hours, you can make your products placed on top of Google in the form of Google. This will make your products stand out from their competitors who have not yet started with Google Merchant Center.


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